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Join GS1 HK. You'll receive regular updates and invites to all our events, making you among the first to know what is happening in the world of GS1. Identify Share:. GS1 Identification Keys The underpinning foundation of the GS1 System of Standards is the provision of a unique number that can be used internationally for identification throughout the supply chain.

HTML Set. These GS1 Identification Keys can be put together to identify everything in a supply chain. GS1 Identification Key. The GSMP uses a global consensus process to develop supply chain standards that are based on business needs and user-input.

The GS1 identification key used to identify trade items. The key comprises a GS1 Company Prefix, an item reference and check digit. A means to represent data in a machine readable form; used to enable automatic reading of the element strings as specified for use by GS1.

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Examples include barcodes and RFID tags. Two to four digits at the beginning of an element string that uniquely define the meaning and format of data that follows this prefix. Use them to hold more data about a product in a barcode, such as batch numbers, expiry dates, serial numbers etc.

An algorithm used by the GS1 system for the calculation of a check digit to verify accuracy of data. A family of different barcodes created to support the identification of small and hard-to-mark items. Some of them can be used to contain additional information, such as expiry dates. Some industry sectors have their own subsets of this standard.

An online network that enables companies around the world to exchange standardised and synchronised supply chain data with trading partners. Tasks include ensuring companies use the GS1 system correctly; providing access to education, training, promotions and support; and participating in the GSMP. A GS1 standard that defines a set of business processes and supporting data to enable clear traceability of products within the supply chain. A framework for sharing product information in consumer-facing digital channels.

It is standards-based, scalable and interoperable. Companies can use GS1 Source to share information about their products on the cloud. Application developers can then integrate this product data in their web and mobile applications.

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A GS1 standard that gives all parties in the supply chain a common business language for traceability systems. The GS1 standard for Extensible Markup Language XML , which provides users with a global business messaging language to undertake internet-based electronic commerce.

Used to represent the GTIN and other data, and is commonly found on cases, pallets and other logistics units. See Global Shipment Identification Number. See Global Standards Management Process.


These are commonly used when exporting to the US and Canada. The digit GS1 identification key composed of a GS1 Company Prefix, item reference and check digit used to identify trade items. The digit GS1 identification key composed of an indicator digit , GS1 Company Prefix, item reference and check digit used to identify non-retail trade items. Mainly used to identify very small trade items. Characters that can be read by people e. A digit from 1 to 9 in the leftmost position of the GTIN Measures indicating the outside dimensions, total weight, or volume inclusive of packing material of a logistic unit.

Also known as gross measures. Different sizes of barcodes based on a nominal size and a fixed aspect ratio; stated as a per cent or decimal equivalent of a nominal size. This certified data pool is used to share master data between trading partners. Generic term for a barcode or RFID tag; a means of physically affixing machine-readable data to a physical object. A printed test pattern used to determine the print gain mean and the range of print gain press variance as it relates to bar widths.

It may also be used throughout the print run to indicate whether the anticipated range of print gain is experienced. A two-dimensional matrix symbology consisting of square modules arranged in a square pattern. The symbology is characterised by a unique finder pattern located at three corners of the symbol. QR Code Version is the only version that supports GS1 system identification numbers, including Function 1 symbol character.

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QR Code symbols are read by two-dimensional imaging scanners or vision systems. A clear space around the barcode. A data carrier technology that transmits information via signals in the radio frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. An RFID system generally consists of a tag, reader, antenna and software.

Signifies a GS1 identification number used for special applications in restricted environments, defined by the local GS1 Member Organisation e. They are allocated by GS1 for either internal use by companies or to GS1 member organisations for assignment based on business needs in their country e. The trade item intended to be sold to the end consumer at retail point-of-sale.

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A microchip attached to an antenna that sends data to an RFID reader. It contains a unique serial number, and can also contain additional data. RFID tags can be active, passive or semi-passive tags.

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The GS1 Identification Key used to identify logistic units. The digit key is comprised of GS1 Company Prefix, serial reference and check digit. It follows the Application Identifier 00 and is represented in a GS barcode. An electronic device that reads barcodes and converts them into electrical signals that a computer can interpret.

A code, numeric or alphanumeric, assigned to an individual instance of an entity for its lifetime. A unique individual item may be identified with the combined GTIN and serial number.

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The combination of symbol characters and features required by a particular symbology. These include quiet zone, start and stop characters, data characters and other auxiliary patterns, which together form a complete scannable entity; an instance of a symbology and a data structure. The difference between the reflection of light by the bars and the reflection of light by spaces within a barcode.

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Any item product or service that may be priced, ordered or invoiced at any point in any supply chain; therefore must carry pre-defined information. Printing a symbol shorter than the minimum height recommendations. Truncation can make the symbol difficult for an operator to scan.

Where system data may be applied on goods to be processed anywhere in the world without restraint as to such things as country, company and industry.